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I'm Sara, and I like to:

make things, organize things, and help people figure out how to do things they need to do.

I do PRN, hourly work. Go ahead, click the button and rent me… it’ll be awesome (and cheaper than paying a salary).

Looking to hire? I have a resume, feel free to have a look. Sorry, no LinkedIn… it’s a bit too Facebook (Meta, if you prefer) for me these days.

B.S. in Communications, concentration in Technical Communication. Nanodegree in Front-End Web Development From Udacity via scholarship from Google. Certified ISMS Lead Auditor. Certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

Years of producing high-quality deliverables for individuals and organizations, large and small. Published author with publishing house editing and design experience.

Experience in project management, business analysis, content creation, and web development. Specializing in translating dense technical language to easy-to-understand material.

The engine of my work ethic is working harmoniously with others to produce deliverables far above expectations. Every time.

Facial Recognition Technology

Solicited Proposal Going Green

SWOT Analysis Marketing Firm

Web Film Google & Moxy Pictures

Choosing a Business Entity

Proposal Annual Report Design

Instructional Word Document

Corporate Communications

Solicited Proposal Marketing Campaign

Memorandum Public Relations

Profile Piece Social Movement

Blog Post Pet Artists of Local City

Caelum Flight School Marketing Plan

Workplace Safety Internal Communications

Instructional Office Equipment

Autonomous Cars and the Future

Blog Post Volunteering with Animals

Blog Post Microchipping Pets

B2B Client Progress Report 

B2B Project Delay Correspondence

Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis

Creative Brief Opera House 

Creative Fiction Personal Project

Literary Commentary

Notice Anything?

Did you notice my samples are old? Good, you’re paying attention.

That’s because the “bones” of a document are the most important part. AI can create content these days (I use it extensively), so what does that leave? That leaves structure, style, and seeing into the future to know what tomorrow holds… and that’s where I come in.